I’m a…photographer?

I wanted to be a scientist. Then, an architect. Too much school. I was a hockey player–a goalie. I wasn’t good enough to make a living with that, so I became a wanderer, a rover, a nomad…in many different ways. I didn’t have a career, I had jobs. I didn’t have a home town, I had places I would explore. There were long stretches when I didn’t feel I had a family or friends in the classic sense, but there were–and are–people who I enjoy knowing or remembering…people I care about.

I’ve sold truck tires and record albums. I worked for Apple and for myself. I was a graphic designer and a dishwasher and a club DJ. I’ve met important people and real people. I’ve met bad people and good people. I’ve shared experiences with the dangerous and the gentle. I’ve been married three times and can say that, yes, the third time is the charm.

I left. I came back. I left…and found…

Enough about me. Let’s go look at the photos.