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Street Blog

A woman relaxes on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Colorado

Street Photography is candid, un-posed, documentary-stye photography.

In the motion picture industry, a typical running time for a good comedy is 90 minutes, a drama often reaches two hours, and an “epic” may well exceed the three hour mark. Most street photographs are captured in a tiny fraction of a second. That’s some pretty economical storytelling.

Design Blog

There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I’m a working man. Perhaps I’m luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good.

—Saul Bass


The fotoblawg is a…well…it’s a photography blog.

Photos, and the story behind them. If it is a good image, there is always a story. Sometimes the story is about the subject. Sometimes the story is about the photographer. Ideally, it is about both.


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